Modern High-Quality Printing

Cashin Print uses an efficient step-by-step workflow model to give maximum cost-effectiveness to the customer. Our effective automated systems boost print and postpress productivity significantly. Complete integration with the Prinect production and management workflow ensures excellent transparency and enhanced efficiency.

Step 1: Job Received from Customer

Cashin Print meets with the customer to discuss the design brief and any specific requirements the customer may have.

Step 2: Job Passed to Design Studio

The job is scheduled, production planned and then sent to our Graphic Design Studio draft design work.

Step 3: Design Proof Sent to Customer

The design proof of the job is sent to the customer. Once changes are complete and customer approves, the job is again scheduled for production.

Step 4: Raw Material Delivery

Paper, ink and other raw materials are continuously delivered to our store area.

Step 5: The Job Goes to Print

Cashin Print uses a high-performance Speedmaster XL 75 for the highest quality printing and top productivity, enabling us to exceed our customer requirements.

Step 6: Cutting and Turnover

After printing Cashin Print uses the best-selling high-speed POLAR system for cutting and turnover. This ensures short makeready times and high efficiency.

Step 7: Folding, Binding & Laminating

Our Folding, Binding & Laminating processes use the automatic Stahlfolder TH/KH series to reduce manual handling, ensuring protection of the completed job.

Step 8: Job Despatched to Customer

Once complete the job is despatched in Cashin Print delivery vans to the happy customer.

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